Before NRCC gets back to racing we need to pass the following steps.

  1. The government allows us to meet
  2. The BRCA opens up indoor racing
  3. Newbury College allows us to use the Sports Hall
  4. The club has sufficient procedures, equipment and processes in place.

From the 25th July 2020 we will have passed Steps 1 and 2 above, and we are working towards Steps 3 and 4.

Tony is in contact with the College, requesting .  We have to respect that they might not want to reopen immediately after the deadline - it is their summer break after all.  We may also have to respect new rules about using the venue, and will have to wait until they're ready to host us.

The way we go about racing will change as well. 

  • Anyone with any current covid19 symptoms is asked not to attend.  (Cough, high temperature, chest tightness, shortness of breath, ansomia or diarrhoea).
  • Booking in in advance will be essential as numbers will have to be controlled.  Payment will be by Paypal on the website.  We will also have the means to take contactless payments at the venue.
  • People will be expected to wear facemasks as we cannot maintain 2 metre social distancing.  Facemasks will be mandatory when queueing for the rostrum, when on the rostrum and when pitting close to others not in your family group.
  • People must bring their own facemasks, wipes and gloves (not latex).  Gloves will need to be worn when marshalling and building or dismantling the club's equipment.
  • People should bring their own food and drink, as we cannot run the tuckshop.

Communications between the club and the members will be mostly on this website.  Not everyone has access to facebook.

Finally we need all members and non-members to visit the BRCA's webpage on re-opening after the lockdown  and read all the pages about indoor racing, including the Organisers bit.

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