Actions to be Taken by Club

Actions to be Taken by Attendees

Before and after each meeting.

All door handles to be wiped down with anti-septic wipe


Doors / door handles.  The external doors are automatic, the internal doors to be left open.  Toilet doors will need to be operated by hand

Hand sanitiser to be left outside the toilet doors

Everyone to use hand sanitiser before and after using toilets

Tables and chairs

Tables and chairs do not need to be cleaned as will not be used within a period of 7 days.  Covid-19 cannot survive on surfaces for this period of time.

Attendees to handle only the tables and chairs they use.

Track build / dismantling

Track items to be left in cupboard between race meetings for 7 days.  Covid-19 cannot survive on surfaces for this period of time.

Everyone building the track must use their own personal work gloves.  It is mandatory to bring your own work gloves.

Booking in

Club website modified to allow paying for race fees online with Paypal.  Contactless payment also available at the venue.  Race control to check in drivers without them needing to visit race control.

Racers must book in ahead of the race meeting to avoid needing to visit race control.



Everyone building the track must use their own personal work gloves to avoid direct contact with other people’s cars and the track markers.

Food and drink

The club will not be selling food or drink.

Everyone to bring their own food and drink.


Race results displayed in non-contact method on TV screen and

Racers are not to congregate in numbers around the results board or TV.

Race Sheets

Multiple race sheets at different locations to be displayed to avoid crowding around one site.


Drivers’ rostrum

Full width 8 metre rostrum to be used at all events.  Maximum of 6 drivers on the rostrum, evenly spaced.  Rostrum to be made one-way traffic to avoid people passing each other.  Hand sanitiser to be placed by down stairs.

All racers must wear a face mask when queueing for the rostrum and on the rostrum.

Racers to use hand sanitiser after each race to avoid transmission via railings.

Track size

Track will be reduced in size to allow more room for people to pass around it safely.



Club to refund any race fees to anyone unable to attend because of a covid-19 symptom

Anyone suffering from any covid-19 symptom; cough, fever, or shortness of breath must not attend the race meeting.

Safety information

To published online.  Online booking-in process to include having to agree to facemask policy and having read safety information.

Attendees must read the safety information before attending race meeting and agree to the club’s policy on facemasks.

Driver’s briefings

To be held at all race meetings.

Everyone to attend, not just racers.

The Pits

Pit tables spaced apart

To wear a facemask if within 2m of someone not in own household

Number of attendees

To be limited to a maximum of 30.



Version 1.0 – 23rd October 2020