NRCC are delighted to be once again supporting the West Berks Classic Vehicle Club as it holds it's annual Car Show in Support of Bloodwise on Sunday 11th August 2019. We will be running a race meeting in the Sports Hall as usual, with the visitors to the show popping in to have a look at what we do.

Entry will also give you access to the car show (worth £6), and you will need to bring your BRCA card to show to organisers that you're a racer.

We will be running Touring Cars, preferably 13.5 Blinky please, GT12 to National rules and LMP12 to 13.5 Blinky rules. The Novice class is for kids (mostly) who aren't regular racers, and for users of the Have-A-Go cars. When posting, please give your full name and the class you want to race.

How Many Heats and Finals?
This year we'll be running the Reedy Race Format, with as many rounds as we can fit in during the day. That means all races are finals.

Race Fees
Race fees will be £11 for members, £12 for non-members and £6 for juniors. All these race fees will go Bloodwise (the new name for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research Fund), NRCC and Newbury college make nothing from this.
Entry will also give you access to the classic car show.

Stuff you need to know
Doors open 10am, practice will run till 10:30. Racing will start around 10:40 and finish around 16:30. You REALLY SHOULD BOOK IN HERE if you want to race, if you turn up on the day we will try to find space for you, but can't guarantee it. You'll need to state your Name, PT number and the class you wish to enter.
Entries will be limited due to lack of space, and we will close entries when I get 6 heats of 8 cars.

You all know how to behave at a race meeting. This one is slightly different as there will be members of the public watching and looking around, many of whom will be kids. All racers will be ambassadors for RC car racing, please by entering you are agreeing to be willing to answer questions and talk to the general public.