Who We Are

Newbury RC Club is a club for people to race 1/10th and 1/12th scale radio-contolled cars indoors on carpet.

We race every Friday night (please check calendar to confirm).

What do I need to bring?

For club nights we normally have enough tables, chairs and power lead extensions.

For busy race meetings such as our annual Xmas meeting or warm-up for nationals you may need to bring your own kit.

Race Fees

The cost to race for adults is £8 for members and £9 for non-members.

For juniors (under 16s) it's £4 for members and £5 for non-members.

Annual membership is £20 for adults and £11 for juniors.

Club Night Schedule

Doors open from 5:30pm to 6:00pm for track build and setting up.

Open practice starts as soon as the track is completed.

Racing starts at around 7:30pm depending on numbers and ends at around 10:30pm.


In Touring, any slick rubber tyre is allowed. Sorex 28JBs are the most popular.

In LMP12 and GT12 any foam tyres are permitted, but to score championship points racers must use Control tyres with the green stripe.

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The college have a computer fair on this weekend and Stu has agreed that we'll lay out the carpet tiles after racing this week (19.1.18)
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You must have a valid 2018 BRCA licence to race at NRCC this year.